Casual Dining Group announces 100% free range egg pledge

Aug 24th

Casual Dining Group (CDG), the leading UK restaurant group, has announced it is to source 100% free range eggs by 2025 across all brands in a move which supports the company's commitment to responsible sourcing – in what is believed to be an industry first for the casual dining sector.

Currently, all whole eggs sourced by the company for its kitchens are free range together with eggs used as ingredients for sauces. In partnership with Compassion in World Farming, Casual Dining Group will transition the remainder of eggs used as ingredients to free range systems, and will make every endeavour to achieve this well ahead of the 2025 target.

Tim Doubleday, CDG’s Chief Financial Officer, commented: “We are pleased to announce this exciting partnership, which will see us move to entirely free-range egg sourcing, and we are grateful to Compassion in World Farming for their support and wise counsel as we journey through this transition.

“Although we already source many free range egg products, this highlights our continuous commitment to source responsibly. We are committed to continuous improvement across every facet of our business, including product sourcing, as evidenced by this move to 100% free-range eggs.”

Philip Lymbery, CEO, Compassion in World Farming, said: “The announcement by Casual Dining Group to be 100% free range on their eggs by 2025 is hugely welcomed by Compassion in World Farming. It is wonderful to see well-loved brands such as Bella Italia, Café Rouge and Las Iguanas taking a clear step towards a free range future.

“CDG's decision to go free range on both their whole egg and egg ingredient supply across all of their brands, shows the depth of their commitment. This announcement will surely be a catalyst for change across the restaurant industry.”